Monday, June 26, 2017


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All Eyez On Me has been released to alot of criticism from various. One key critic has been legendary film maker John Singleton. Singleton was fired from the film after creative differences came about between him and Benny Boom.
Hutton and Singleton’s beef over the film has escalated to become as relevant a rivalry as there is in hip-hop and cinema today, and it has only intensified since the film’s release. Earlier this year Hutton put Singleton on blast about how far he took his creative license with his version of the script, during a guest appearance on The Breakfast Club. And in the days since moviegoers began leaving the theaters with mixed reviews on Hutton’s final product, Singleton has rubbed the criticisms in, while declaring that he has plans to someday bring his own version of Tupac’s story to theaters.
If a forthcoming production from Singleton is to show up in the vein of the 2014 draft leaked over the weekend there is indeed a scene in which it is suggested that he was raped in a prison library. The description given is an inmate entering the library licking his lips, with Pac in his sights. There is also a portion of the script that introduces viewers to Pac’s upbringing in a home which exposed him to a degree of promiscuity some might consider indecent, with a young Tupac walking in on his mother having a threesome.
Despite the controversial subject matter conjured by Singleton, however, sources close to the film’s development say that all of his drafts were reviewed by and received the approval of Pac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, prior to her death in 2016.


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