Friday, December 25, 2015

Why WE Should have Sex Every Day.

Okay, we are all adults here, so let’s be honest.

Everyone loves sex. We do.
Our bodies were made with the capacity not just to reproduce, but to thoroughly enjoy a good romping as well.
But did you know that great sex can actually improve our health and give us a higher quality of life?
Here are a few reasons to go get your groove on every day!
An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.
People who have sex at least two times a week, have more of the good stuff that fights off bad germs and viruses. Apparently, rigorous sex is best.
So, go strap on your cowboy boots, because things are about to get rowdy!
Not only will sex help you stay cold-free, regular sex has also been shown to lower prostate cancer levels in men, and improve joint function. A joint lubricating hormone is released during foreplay and orgasm, which helps keep joints flexible and healthy.
But don’t worry gals, there’s something in it for you too! Studies have shown that women who orgasm on a regular basis tend to have shorter and less painful menstrual periods—as if you needed another reason to pounce on your partner.
By releasing those feel-good chemicals in our bodies during a good love making session, we actually give ourselves a boost to stay healthy and function better. That way, we can save our sick days for playing hooky with our lover instead of nursing a bad cold.
Say Om.
Being able to harness our breath and breathe deep to relax is an important skill, but did you know that people who engage in sex in a regular basis have lower blood pressure and a dramatically decreased risk of heart attack?

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