Sunday, March 1, 2015

How the new Apple emojis got their skin tones: It's not what you think...


Apple rolled out new developer betas for OS X and iOS Monday — which included, amongst other things, the first look at a more diverse set of emoji.
The move comes a few months after the Unicode Consortium, the group that governs the emoji standard, proposed an update to address emoji diversity.
The new emoji options include different skin color and hair combinations for a slew of characters. And although much of the reaction to the new emoji has been positive, some users — particularly in Asian communities — are upset and confused by the default emoji skin color, which is yellow.
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So what's going on with those yellow-faced emoji? What is that trying to represent? And how did the skin colors get picked anyway?
That's what we're here to sort out.

Understanding how Unicode is addressing emoji diversity

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