Thursday, November 27, 2014

Comments from people all over the web about Darren Wilson vs. Mike Brown...

"Any child regardless of race should be taught not to steal, not to attack others, to respect themselves, to respect others, work hard, not do drugs, and to know that choices good or bad have consequences. Sadly that young man made multiple bad choices that night that lead to his death. HE made those choices." - el jim chapo guzman

"And Darren wilson made the most important ONE...The final decision. Regardless of any of our stance on the matter. either most likely don't have kids or have very very young kids...If you find a teen that follows the rules to t he T and doesn't push the limits in life...give me a call." - Kingly_Caracter


Nathan Cowen - On the day they named Wilson as the shooter the chief of police, in a news conference, said he'd spoken to Wilson and that at the time of the shooting he knew nothing about the incident at the store. This week that all changed? We saw it with Trayvon. Total character assassination to distract from the travesty of the events that truly matter

Jeannaandjosh Poe Ridiculous people are still even ranting about this!! It was a sad and messed up situation but it wouldn't have mattered if he was white black Mexican green or pink he did what he thought he had to do to protect his life. I bet noone would be acting like this if the child wasn't black. It needs to be let go all this riot is terrible we have enough enemies trying to hurt the us

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