Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why Can’t Women Handle Dick?


9 out of 10 women reading this are dishonest. I’m not talking about telling lies or stealing, I mean dishonest in terms that they can’t even admit to themselves who they are and what they want for fear of being looked down upon. I once asked a girl who was going through drama with her boo what she wanted from him, a relationship or a friendship? Her response was that she didn’t have time for any of that because she was going to school and had to figure out her next move after graduation. I didn’t ask her shit about school or work goals, I asked her straight up what she wanted from the guy she was spending her nights stressing over. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to be honest enough to say, “Yes, I like him and I would like to be with him, but I’m afraid he doesn’t want the same– help.” She gave me a bullshit answer that wouldn’t make her seem weak, soft, or thirsty. The more Insecure the woman, the harder she tries to hide her insecurity behind attitude and excuses. No one can help you if you’re too prideful to admit what you want and that you’re afraid you won’t get it.


In order to safeguard their feelings, some women drape a cloak of “I’m good” over themselves and pretend that they don’t care about anything. I don’t want him to spend time with me, I’m busy anyway—Bitch Stop Lying. I don’t want him to put me first, I’m not trying to be his girl anyway—Bitch Stop Lying. I don’t want other people to like me, I’m a lone wolf—Bitch Stop Lying. I don’t want him to ask me to be official, I’m not looking for anything serious anyway—Bitch Stop Lying! To even bring up, “I’m not even worried about him,” is an admission of being worried about him, or else you wouldn’t have brought him up! I’m going to let you in on a secret, men don’t believe you, that’s why they call your bluff, toy with your emotions, and act as if they don’t care—your apathy is transparent. Sad, lonely, and angry women make bad relationship choices because their actions don’t match the words coming out of their mouths. Players eat passive and defensive women for breakfast, because their buttons are out in the open and easy to push.

When a person thinks they will fail at something or be rejected, they become passive and act if they weren’t trying in the first place. This way if they don’t get the results they really want, it won’t seem like they failed. Read that again and understand it because I bet you do that shit. Single and happy, focusing on me, raising my child, waiting on Jesus to return, blah blah blah. That’s all bullshit. You can front like you’re not on the racetrack, but we know that you’re still secretly in the race hoping to get chose! How do I know that’s true? When a seemingly perfect man slides you his number, you don’t delete it, you get excited, all of those excuses go out the window, and all you can think of is, “Please God let this one be The One.” YOU. ARE. NOT. HONEST. The only thing that will save you from being played is to be honest about your shortcomings.


If you aren’t real enough to say, “The reason I want to call this man and yell at him for not calling me all week, isn’t because I love him, but because I have a weakness for attention and affection because my father never gave me that,” then you will confuse love of attention with love of that person. Those women that are able to self-diagnose themselves don’t have anxiety, they don’t cry, they don’t snap, they don’t blow up a dude’s phone, and they don’t ask every one of their friends their opinion on “What do you think he means by this text.” To be honest about your flaws is to be free of male manipulation, because men can’t pull your strings if you’ve already cut those motherfuckers. Today I’m going to talk about why women can’t handle Dick. No, Ratchet Raccoon, I’m not talking about how you take the penis of a nigga that barely likes you, I’m talking about how to handle users. Men know when women are fronting, they know the secret war going on inside your head when they don’t give you what you want, and they use that insecurity to their advantage because you aren’t honest enough to plug those holes and rebuke male mind games. So, if you’re ready to be honest to the point that it hurts, let’s talk about Dick.

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