Monday, August 11, 2014

New Facebook Messenger App Has Some Frightening Terms And Conditions?!

Could your smartphone be recording video of you without you knowing it?
And if so, who is on the other end watching it?
Fox's Eric Alvarez shows us how a new Facebook Messenger App could be violating your privacy.
If you download and install the social network's new messenger app to an android device you're giving Facebook permission to call or text people from your phone, delete your personal data even access your camera microphone.
One Facebook user says she won't be downloading the Messenger App.
"Who knows what could happen to that information if it falls into the wrong hands?" she said.
But Facebook says it only needs that access to make your messaging experience better, and that these terms have been in place for months.
So why are we telling you about it now?
That's because some mobile Facebook users are about to find out you can't won't be able to access your messages through the Facebook app anymore
Instead if you want to read a message from a friend or coworker you'll have to download the messenger app and consent to any fine print.
The messenger app has over 6000 reviews on the iTunes app store.
Most of them are not too positive.
The real question is will people still download it?
And as for the people who did download it, it seems a lot are just choosing to disconnect.

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