Monday, May 12, 2014

HRDCVR: a collaboration between danyel smith + elliott wilson.

Brought to you in part by YN & His lovely wife, Danyel...

*I just have one question, where do i apply?* =/

We're building a magazine, in the form of a book. We're over-serving the new everyone. We're pushing print to its extreme.
We're changing the soul of journalism.

We need your support.

We come to you now because we have an idea, a plan, a dream.
If you ever thought your journalism needed a reboot, HRDCVR is for you. If you ever considered design, print, and words to be magical, HRDCVR is for you.
On its most fundamental level, HRDCVR is you.

And we need your support to make it a reality.

HRDCVR is culture and politics with emphasis on music, screen, tech and sports. HRDCVR is not about broad trend pieces, but rather specificity and the individuals who personify cultural, political and demographic trends. The idea is to create, locate and support new vocabularies. New regions. The new rural. New loves. Fresh hates. The new urban. Drake. And Rihanna. Sixth men. Cricket in the US. We’re talking about running stories in other languages and publishing the translations, perhaps at the Tumblr.
We’re thinking about YG. Doc Rivers. Boyle Heights punk. Hieu Minh Nguyen. NeNe Leakes. Cornrow bike helmets. The tiny house movement. Wendy Davis. Bingbing Fan. Sasha and Malia. J.R. Celski. NBA’s “Latin Nights.” Nery Gabriel Lemus. Chee-hoo! Visitation rooms in prisons. Girls on scooters in Marrakech.

We want it all in the same book.
All within the same HRDCVR, existing on papers of the highest quality, with illustration and photography from artists traditional and non-traditional. Most HRDCVRs will be given away. For free. 

Why print? Because print has not yet, journalistically, been pushed to its extreme uses. HRDCVR is that push. 

That’s what is needed: new names for things, a new kind of mix, a new aesthetic, for the new everyone. We want for it first to be touchable and hold-able and of the physical world. We believe one can adore DJ Snake and Cloud Nothings and Gerardo Ortiz and Nicki Minaj and still want to get deep into how things are moving at the protests in Venezuela, want to know who the humans are behind the net neutrality battles, and want to prep for the 2016 elections.
We believe, as we always have, that the only way to cover the new everyone is via teams that reflect it. This is not a priority with us—it is a core belief of our careers, and so of HRDCVR.
And to quote The Wire creator David Simon: "It costs money to make content on a different level." We're raising money so this can be extremely beautiful and smart, so we can pay professionals—and so we can give thousands of HRDCVRs away.
We will reward you with an amazing project, but also with some very cool Kickstarter rewards—we're launching a campaign today. 

Our goal is $150,000. As is the rule with Kickstarter, we receive none of the funds unless we raise all of the funds. You can pledge five dollars, you can pledge ten thousand dollars. There are interesting, helpful, fun and quirky prizes for both amounts and for all amounts in between.

Also: help amplify our message. Your networks are amazing and unique: every tweet counts, every Facebook mention, every Instagram, every Tumblr reblog, every #HRDCVR anyplace matters.

And let us know about your projects, so we can support in return.

With our gratitude,

Danyel Smith & Elliott Wilson

Visit our Kickstarter page.

Pledge your support. Share our message.

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