Thursday, April 10, 2014

There's A Texting App That Lets Users Anonymously Criticize or Flirt With Their Phone Contacts?!

Truth App

Secret and Whisper, the current darlings of the anonymous messaging market, are all about broadcasting your innermost thoughts — or Gwyneth Paltrow gossip — in a feed format.
But the founders of Truth created an anonymous messaging app that sends private missives to people on your contacts list. It's incognito one-on-one messaging between friends.
When you send a "truth," you are assigned an anonymous username and avatar (one of an assortment of playful owls). If the recipient already has the app, the message will show up in the app's inbox. If they don't, a text message will display part of the "truth" and prompt the recipient to download the app.
"Whisper and Secret are about broadcasting," Truth cofounder Ali Saheli tells Mashable. "You shout out anonymously, kind of like on Twitter. The concept of [messaging] phone contacts was more interesting to us."
The app officially debuted April 1, after spending several weeks in public beta in Canada. During that time it cracked the top 100 on the Canadian App Store, coming in 90th and beating out Secret. Saheli says Truth has gained most of its following in Vancouver, but it recently received an unexpected boost from high school and college-age users in New York, California and Florida.

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