Tuesday, April 29, 2014

LeBron James & the Miami Heat Protest Donald Sterling Before Playoff Game?!


The Los Angeles Clippers protested racist bile allegedly spewed by franchise owner Donald Sterling by wearing their warmup shirts inside-out before Sunday's NBA playoff game against the Golden State Warriors.
Now the star-studded Miami Heat — led by none other than LeBron James — have done the same, expressing solidarity with Clippers players by wearing their own warmups inside-out before Monday night's playoff game against the Charlotte Bobcats.
Some sideline pundits called for Clippers players to boycott their playoff games in response to comments allegedly made by Sterling and captured on an audio clip released Friday. But play they did, and their inside-out warm-ups, which hid the Clippers logo, seemed to send a message: "We're playing for ourselves and each other, not the man who owns this team."
Here's James wearing his inside-out warm-up shirt before Monday night's game.

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