Saturday, March 29, 2014

10 things you probably didn't know about oral sex?!

You're Doing It Wrong: Oral Sex

Men want hot women. Hot women want oral sex. Not only do you need to do it, you need to know how to do it well—and you need to keep doing it until you are told to stop. If you do it wrong, she will see you as an amateur, an idiot, a beta-male douchebag who is not worthy of her sexual powers. If you do it right, she will see you as a king. Most men are, at best, mediocre at cunnilingus. So, if you can raise yourself above the mediocre majority and become an exceptional expert, you will become the man that every woman wants. Here is how most men are doing it wrong—and how YOU will do it right.
Dr. Alex Schiller is a sociosexual psychologist who brings hot singles together through her hilarious live show, Never Sleep Alone. Follow her on Twitter at @NeverSleepAlone.
You're Doing It Wrong: Oral Sex

Don't Go Too Fast

The number one mistake men make is taking the oral sex encounter too fast. This isn't a race. You are a poor child in a war-torn country. It’s Christmas at the orphanage, and she is the only gift you are getting, so you’d better savor every second of the only happiness you will receive all year long. The slower you go, the faster she comes.
 You're Doing It Wrong: Oral Sex

Don't Ask Her to Wash Up

She's clean, dude. Never suggest a woman shower or shave before you go down on her. The vagina is a self-cleansing eco-system. Asking a woman to shower or shave before you go down on her is like scraping all the toppings off a gourmet pizza before you eat it. That's something only annoying little fuckboys do. 

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