Friday, January 24, 2014

(Audio) Gangsta Boo (when she was 14 years old) "Cheefa Da Reefa" (1994)

"In the summer of ’94, Da Brat and Lady of Rage were battling it out for the title of gangsta rap's freshest female. In the South, Mia X was starting to build her name in New Orleans, and a duo of Memphis ladies named UNLV (Unfortunately No Longer Virgins) had released an album on well-known Atlanta independent Ichiban. But the Queen of the South crown was still very much up for grabs when a solo song by 14-year-old Gangsta Boo popped up on DJ Paul's Vol. 16: For Tha Summa of ’94.
Paul, who was still a teenager himself at this point, had previously tried working with a few local female rappers. But his old classmate Lola, who he knew from Hillcrest High, ended up making a big impact on "Cheefa Da Reefa," an addictive weed-smoking anthem that showed she wasn't afraid to play with the big boys. After getting such a positive reaction to the song, Boo was invited to be a full-fledged member of the newly-minted Triple Six Mafia. Four years later, Boo became one of the first artists to release a solo album under Hypnotize Minds' national distribution deal, and would remain a core member of Three 6 Mafia until her departure in 2001." - 

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