Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday, The Fights That Took Place (Video)


This Black Friday, maybe you should hide yo kids and hide yo wife, cause Black Friday shoppers are doing a lot more than snatching yo people up. During the past few years, this unofficial holiday has become associated with violence, inhumanity and terror, and RSVLTS has cut together a video showing why.
There is screaming, shoving, trampling and outright brawling. At one point, crazed customers tear a bag apart the same way the Shaun of the Dead zombies tear apart David. They got the sweet, sweet savings, but at what cost?


Lakia Carter said...

this os ridiculous I used to think I was missing something but the years of working on black Friday has sjown me how simple people get when its a sale. Think about how money rolls in when that time is coming people act like fools over merchandise they obviously cant afford until Black Friday or tax time. I refuse to have material items rule hoe I behave for a deal.

Lakia Carter said...

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