Saturday, November 9, 2013

Remember G-Unit?

If you depend on Wikipedia for most of your "information"... they'll tell you...

"G-Unit is an American hip hop group originating from South Jamaica, QueensNew York formed by East Coast rappers 50 CentLloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. The name of the group is short for Guerrilla Unit.[1]"

We understand that most of you don't really like to read much... So we'll just take most of you back down memory lane, while maybe even introducing some folks to some G-Unit stuff they didn't know about...


What the F**k Happened to G-Unit Records?

So, if you know G-Unit from the EARLY days... Then you've heard of Bang'em Smurf x Tony Yayo x Lloyd Banks x Young Buck x DJ Whoo Kid & (of course) 50 Cent!

Then over the years, The Game x Olivia x Ma$e? x M.O.P? x Mobb Deep too?
Yep, not to mention "G-Unit Philly" "G-Unit West" ( cc. Spider Loc ) etc.

So lets get into it...

"Gods Plan", "No Mercy, No Fear" & "Automatic Gunfire" was next, you can find those on your own time...
Then this classic...

Then the "G-Unit Radio" series started....


Apparently, this was released a day before "Beg For Mercy" (according to Wikipedia) 
correct us, if we're wrong


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