Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Karen Civil !!!!!!!

Our generations Oprah?

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As some of you may know our founder "Milly" loves some KAREN CIVIL as stated in his "Kudos To Kendrick" track; "Karen Civil? I wanna wife that... No makeup? I like thaaaat.."

But if you aren't familiar with Karen.. here's a portion of one of her best interviews with EDGE magazine....

"Hip Hop is a boys club. Even after so many women have stepped up to stake their claim in the music industry, it is still dominated by men who think alike, behave alike and feel they have the final say on the role(s) women are allowed to play in it. To the uncivilized eye, Karen Civil may seem like just another woman playing her role with all the right connections, famous friends and access to a domain name but she has shown time and time again that she is not only here for now but here forever. As she continues to expand her brand, which includes a blog, social and digital media management, clothing and jewelry, she is putting all of us on her back. She is taking the “what does she do?”-s  and “is she sleeping with him” -s in stride and continues to crash through glass ceilings most of us didn’t know existed. She is everything her male counterparts fear and nothing they expect. She’ll be labeled the next this or the future that but none of it will suit her because when it’s all said and done, Karen Civil will have been a one-of-one. 

Who is Karen? As a woman and now as a brand. Karen is a sister, an auntie, a determined woman who is not taking no for an answer. She has goals, determinations, dreams, ambitions and is working towards a very nice life and a very wonderful career. I am going to leave my mark on this world. How did you get your start? I entered an apprentice contest for Angie Martinez. She didn’t pick me unfortunately but Funkmaster Flex did, I was with him as an intern for a few years and from there I went on to be the A&R admin at Dipset working under Duke Da Gawd, who was the A&R there at the time. When they had their issues happening, I decided to branch out and do something on my own. I started my website because I had all these relationships with different people. For me it was my outlet. I helped all these people build their brands and I decided it was time to do that for myself. What has hip hop music given this generation as far as the broad spectrum of opportunities? Hip hop is my livelihood. I am able to travel the world and have a very comfortable lifestyle because of my website which is because of hip hop. It’s allotted me a lot of opportunities and gave me access to things that otherwise weren’t available. Having a website gives you a lot of influence and that attracts major corporations who come knocking at your door because they just want to know what you know. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned? In this business, when you have your lows and certain people aren’t around, but they’re around during the highs, don’t take that or anything personal. There were times when I would cry because people weren’t returning my phone calls now they don’t even let the phone ring before they answer. You’re not useful if you’re not being used, unfortunately, in this industry. Everybody doesn’t have your best interest. A lot of people are in it for themselves. You have to be careful. Know the right people you should align yourself with and allow to be in your company. In the past, I’ve dealt with people who weren’t fully honest and that’s sad moving forward because this is something you’ve built with somebody and you think you’re going to get to the promised land together and you’re left doing it alone. I’m still riding this train. The only stop is success is for me."

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