Saturday, November 9, 2013

4 Tips for Staying Productive While You Travel

Not too long ago, work meant being in an office and travel meant not working. Today, with both flexible employers and digital communication tools, many of us can work from anywhere. But, it's easier said than done.
Navigating airports and finding outlets and Wi-Fi can be half the battle. Then, a task that usually takes half an hour suddenly takes so much longer because you're out of your element. Whether you're on a real vacation and just want to check in with your crew, or are on a working vacation, or are traveling for work, these four tips should help you stay productive while away from your home base.

1. Backup Your Wi-Fi

You know that simple task you need to do? There's probably one key piece of information you'll need that's only accessible via the Internet, whether it's your own notes saved to the cloud or the correct spelling of someone's name. And sometimes the Internet is so close, yet so far away, either because you'll pay for an hour when you only need five minutes or your laptop and the Wi-Fi aren't friends, even though the barista gave you the password.
If you'd like to skip the stress and carry a Wi-Fi backup with you, you may want to purchase aMiFi device (essentially a portable router) or Karma, which offers a pay-as-you-go plan and may be better for intermittent needs. You can also create a hotspot via your smartphone.

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