Saturday, November 30, 2013

11 Signs That Your Girlfriend Wants to Move In?

Bachelor pads are a delicate ecosystem — the balance of pizza and beer must be maintained at all times.
Taking your relationship to the next level can be tricky — especially when it involves living quarters. Sometimes you spend so much time together, you might not even notice it's happening.
There are a few subtle signs you might want to look out for. Detect a shift in your bachelorhood force? Here are the biggest clues that your lady friend is trying to tell you something in one handy list.
Hint: Think about the amount of tampons you've seen lately.
( :-x )

1. Bobby pins are literally everywhere.


2. The toilet seat is always down.


3. You accidentally slather your face with her shaving cream in the shower.


4. At least she's not borrowing your toothbrush anymore.


5. You find this instead of your emergency beer stash under the sink.


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