Thursday, October 17, 2013

High-Tech $100 Bills Are Designed to Stop Fraud


The U.S. Federal Reserve is rolling out new high-tech $100 bills designed to halt counterfeiting of what has become the most illegally replicated note in the world.
The revamped Benjamin Franklins, which are now in circulation, will have a vertical blue ribbon woven into the bill that looks 3D when you tilt it. Toward the bottom, there will be a copper inkwell with a bell inside that changes color depending on the angle from which you view it.
The bill's new features are meant to make it more difficult to copy — and they aren't the only additions. "The United States of America" will appear in microprint throughout the new tender, some of the printing will be raised and there will be a watermark of Franklin, who still adorns the center of the bill.
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