Sunday, September 15, 2013

Too Many Rappers Not Enough Fans?!

"I was doing some cleaning the other day and realized 2 things.
A)    There is serious need for product management
Think about the last time you went out.  The mall, the club, a family gathering and I bet you each time there was someone there saying “Hey, I’m doing this music thing now…check out my music!”  And you think to yourself “Damn!  You too!’  I truly wonder how any of these new rappers plan to make it if their target audience is a group of other new rappers.
It’s like turning the lights on and roaches are running all over the place.  Imagine it!  There they go looking for a record deal, looking for a DJ, running to the radio station, headed to the studio in somebody’s basement.  You know what, I think every wanna be rapper should take a listen at what they have and ask themselves these things…
“Would my family or  friends  buy this if I tried to sell it to them?”
“If I put it in a store or online could it sell on its own?”
“The last time I played my music for someone did they move right away? Or did they just tell me it was cool after it went off?”
But the real question is, in a city full of rappers, who’s really going to listen to my music, when they’re all trying to get me to listen to theirs!  Think about all the rappers on twitter.  How many @replies are new songs going out to anyone they think will listen and help them get in the game?  And Myspace is so flooded with them no one takes that social networking site serious anymore!  Then how about this; I bet if you think real hard, every industry person that you know manages at least 1 rapper or is working on a team to help a new rapper come up.  If every industry heavy hitter has a rapper in their back pocket, where does that leave the new rapper trying to get in touch with that industry heavy hitter to make it to the next level of their career?  Honestly, they probably aren’t worried about you.  Their first priority is the rapper in their back pocket. 
Now I know that everyone has a dream.  And I am not here to kill any of them, believe me I have dreams too!  But I know my lane, if you put me on the mic expecting a hit song forget it!  I strongly suggest that some of you new rappers find the lane that you are suppose to be in, cause rap just might not be it."

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