Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Juicy J: Keep Your Twerking Scholarship (By: Chuck Creekmur)

Rapper Juicy J of Three Six Mafia fame has opted to promote his new album with a contest. The strategy? Give one winner a $50,000 scholarship to college. Nice! That’s a whopping sum of money for any aspiring college student. Before you rush to fill out the application, there is one hitch: You have to be one helluva Twerker – in fact, the best! That’s right! In order to tap into the higher learning funds, one has to be able to Twerk. If you have been under a rock you may not know that Twerking is the act of provocatively shaking your backside in a concentrated and focused manner. Pop Culture is infatuated with it these days! Ready for the criteria? The scholarship Juicy J is offering is open only to women aged 18-25, who are enrolled in a 2-4 year accredited college or university. Furthermore, the “Juicy J Scholarship Foundation” members will judge contestants on their “assets and creativity.” It gets better – contestants must upload their videos to YouTube for the world to see. In these times, $50,000 is a lot of money to be giving the needy, particularly those trying to better their lives through education. However, Juicy J and the Foundation can keep their damn money. 

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