Monday, November 7, 2011

Asthma Treatment – How to Treat Asthma Naturally At Home

**I suffered an asthma attack earlier this morning and has to be rushed to the hospital, if you have asthma always be prepared..*

Asthma is getting very common disease now a days among children, teens as well as adults. This disease tightens your lung airways due to which you feel trouble in breathing. When you get asthma attack, your lungs do not get enough air required to breathe. You might get an asthma attack if you feel symptoms like trouble in breathing, coughing, wheezing, pain in the chest and chest tightness.

There are lots of medications and medical therapies available in order to get you rid of this disease. Many asthma sufferers want to eliminate the use of medications and drugs by going for natural remedies. Here are some effective and proven natural treatment for asthma which you can apply at your home without any hassle and side effects.
Since ages, steam is used as an effective and instant home treatment for asthma. It can be used at the time of an asthma attack to get instant relief. If you have access to a steam room then it is the best, or alternatively, you can take a hot shower for the benefits. Inhaling the steam is very effective in asthma. For this, you have to simply get some boiling water in a pot and put a big towel on your head then lean over that pot of boiling water and inhale and exhale deeply so that warm vapor gets into your lungs clearing the airways. You can add some drops of eucalyptus oil to the boiling water to get rid of mucus or blocking substance of your nasal passages.
Herbal teas of ginger, peppermint or liquorice root are very beneficial for asthma. These are very simple yet very effective homemade remedies for asthma. To make it more effective and anti inflammatory, you can add some lemon juice, garlic, turmeric or cloves to the tea. These kitchen spices have good relieving potency for asthma. Honey is also very beneficial for asthma so you can add it for sweetness.

Probiotics found in kefir, yogurt and fermented vegetables are very beneficial for keeping a check on asthma naturally. The ingestion of probiotics can boost your immune system which can further give you amazing relief from asthma.

Taking fresh air and a normal sun exposure are also helpful in relieving the symptoms of asthma naturally. Vitamin D which you get from the sun is a very powerful immune booster. Some moderate exercise and yoga can also be very helpful. Drink enough water each day.

How to Treat Asthma in a Natural Way : Home Remedies

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