Monday, October 3, 2011

15 Jobs You Can Land Without Going To College?!

1. Welder
Mean annual wage: $35,220*
Welding involves using extremely high heat to melt and fuse pieces of metal together permanently. About two-thirds of welding jobs are in manufacturing industries. Many employers report difficulty filling positions requiring knowledge of the latest technologies.

2. Hairdresser
Mean annual wage: $26,510
Opportunities in this field are expected to grow faster than average as aging baby boomers seek coloring treatments and other advanced services. Many stylists enjoy flexible hours, and more than 40 percent are self-employed.
3. Animal caretaker
Mean annual wage: $22,070
Bathing, grooming, feeding and exercising animals are among the tasks of workers employed by kennels, pet stores, shelters, zoos and individual households. Job prospects are promising, as the companion pet population is expected to continue growing.
4. Tree faller
Mean annual wage: $38,660
A physically-demanding occupation, fallers cut down trees using chain saws or mobile felling machines. They use knowledge of tree characteristics and cutting techniques to control the direction of its fall and minimize tree damage. Fallers train on the job through logging companies and trade associations, with safety instruction being a top concern.
5. Security guard
Mean annual wage: $26,870
Concerns about crime, vandalism and terrorism continue to increase the need for guards. Most states require licensure that involves a background check and some classroom training, with more stringent requirements for armed guards. Duties may include using monitoring equipment, checking identification and searching vehicles.

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