Monday, September 19, 2011

Yes, you deserve to get cheated on and I hope it happens again.

We have all been sitting listening to a friend crying and complaining about how they have just been cheated on and just can’t believe how that could happen to them. In the back of our mind sometimes we’re thinking “well you kind of deserved it though” while they’re crying how great of a person they are and have always been there and blah blah blah. That’s that bullshit.
                Firstof I want to kill that bullshit when somebody is cheating and find out they’re being cheated on so they flip out. I hear dumbasses say “but she didn’t know I was cheating though”, this that bullshit that tells me one of your parents was that weirdo that used to lick shovels and poles and shit for on a double dog dare.
                How dare people question me like “nobody deserves to be cheated on”. That’s complete horse shit sandwich, in this country by definition of the law there are peoplethat deserve to die and you telling me that some men and women don’t deserve to second hand kiss somebody else’s genital section once in a while? Of course they deserve it, and it will continue to happen as long as they continue with their ways.
Fellas I am going to warn you now,I know we are rough but these women in these days are way rougher than men when it comes to cheating. Most women cheat not only based on physical desires there is usually a motive for the shit, so they get more calculated and cruel. Your queen will let her side nigga, who is probably somebody you know, play a Madden season on your playstation and save it to your memory card. Come home and shesay she was just messing around trying to learn to play and our dumbasses believe it. Find out he has a Ravens franchise going 5-2 in its second season and shit. I have seen niggas buy games for another dude’s xbox because he was smashing dude girlfriend, its real out here.  Whats worse is the ladies now a days don’t even bother telling the side nigga that he is indeed a side nigga. So now dude thinks he is her man. Sohe not only banging your queen, the dude is making love to her. Eating her box, not wearing a condom, slow stroking and all. Man dude is dripping sweat all over your most beloved pillow that your mom gave you when you first went off to
school. That’s some cold hearted terrorist shit right there.
Men if you keep pissing on the toilet seat you deserve to get cheated on. She is an American citizen fam, it is her constitutional right to sit on a toilet stool that lacks dampness. Come on my G you don’t think she is going to get tired of having to pre wipe every
time nature hits her jack because you lack aim? Learn to focus your inner weakness to attain the Bruce Leroy glow of focus while at the toilet stool as to avoid the splish splash of urine on the porcelain. That’s truly some disgusting shit to just number one on the john.  I don’t care how good you are at pleasuring her vagina, my nigga you have got to suck a thumbtack out of those walls to keep her often soggy butt cheeks from getting smacked by another nigga while you’re at work brother. And while she is cheating, she is going to do some grimy shit like let that other nigga eat your honeycomb cereal by hand scooping it into your favorite bowl. That’s life my man cause and effect.
Fellas you have to keep the oral ratio right. When we get a girl we start skipping that eating stuff sometimes, fuck it I know she coming back. Women keep track of that stuff my G. Keep eating that poon tang before she start letting her side nigga come by and lace his new forcesat your dinner table and piss in your shower. I know sometimes you just want toboom boom bam, but lack of head is sure to make your queen scratch another niggas back and let him pop off into your work socks.

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