Friday, August 12, 2011

Dear Sister: An Open Letter To The Black Woman by: Nova Giovanni

Dear Sister,
I hope this letter reaches you in the best of health. First, understand that I’m writing this out of Love and not out of spite or malice. Now, let me briefly inform you of the Black woman’s rise from the depths of obscurity. About 200 years ago in America, the Black woman was used and abused as no more than a tool. She was basically seen as a human cow, producing cattle for work in the fields of this country. Today, the Black woman is the ultimate sign of progress and power. From the strong Black women of the past who raised upstanding Black families as well as White children that later disassociated themselves with her – to the moguls today, like Oprah Winfrey and Debra L. Lee.
These days, no matter the achievements of the Black man – he can’t help but acknowledge the Black woman that has pushed and helped him to gain everything he has. Furthermore, she has her own accomplishments to boast about. The question is – “who is YOUR role model?”. It is a shame that you know more about Mary J. Blige than Coretta Scott King. You are well versed on the life of Aaliyah, but know nothing of Betty Shabazz. More young Black women look up to Nicki Minaj than admire Michelle Obama. Look at the Black women you pay attention to most. Are they heroes or harlots?
Today, it saddens me to see the Black woman using and abusing herself – and making it a spectacle of entertainment for others. I’m not ignoring the fact that many of you Black women DO deserve praise. But, think about it – do you get it? Is it stylish to be studious? No, its not. The media is filled with Black queens shamelessly masquerading their bodies for misogynistic men. This isn’t by chance, its by intelligent design. It is like this so the respectful Black women will have to compete with the shameless women as role models to even her own children. You, the ideal Black woman is now forced to compete with BET, MTV, and even the gossiping women at the hair salon as the main influence of your own daughters.
Black woman, take that weave out of your head. Take those colored contacts out of your eyes. Stop frying your brain with perms and start loving yourself. While you’re bleaching your skin, the White woman is tanning hers. While you’re straightening your naturally curly hair, the White woman is in the salon for hours trying to get that ‘kinky’ look. Don’t you realize that you woke up this morning and was everything you could have ever wanted to be? Sometimes, I wish you Loved and admired yourself half as much as the rest of the world does.
Black woman, stop searching for Love outside of yourself. Constantly bouncing from man to man as if you need approval from someone outside of the person you look at in the mirror. Having Love is more important than having a lover. Answer this – do you Love YOURSELF? Once you Love yourself, you’ll realize that YOU possess the lock AND key to your own happiness. When you Love yourself enough, no person can demean you or push you to a level to where you think less of yourself. When you Love yourself, you won’t allow anyone to treat you like anything less than the Queen you are.
Black woman, put your clothes on. You’re a gift to this Earth. Any good gift should remain wrapped until it reaches its last destination, so its recipient KNOWS and acknowledges how special it is. If you’re flaunting your body to every person with eyes, that makes you a cheap sight.
Black woman, guard your chastity. Each time you give your body to someone, you’re giving them a piece of your soul. How many men do you have walking around with a piece of your soul? Furthermore, how cheap is your soul? How much have you sold your soul for? A dinner and a movie? An “I Love you” phrase? A few “you’re sexy” photo comments on the internet? Think about it. What is your price?
In conclusion, I Love you. I Love you, Black woman. You are the epitome of triumph. Your story is a story of overcoming seemingly impossible circumstances. Sometimes, I wish you knew how far you’ve come and how much WE (the Black man) need & rely on you. We need you for motivation, strength, and many other things. I know at times we don’t treat you like the Queens you are, but that is a whole other subject. Black people… Its like each day, we ALL do things… that to outsiders… makes us seem a little less than human………………………… Nova Knows…
I Love You,
Nova Giovanni
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