Friday, August 26, 2011

The Art Of Safely Sending Nude Pics: Tricks Behind The Flicks

by: Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. If you are an avid reader of Nova Giovanni’s articles, you should have already taken heed to some of the things I’ve written. Once again, I’m here to help those that would like to be helped. You can lead a woman to water, but you can’t make her clean out her belly-button. With the epidemic of explicit pictures falling into the wrong hands, I have taken it upon myself to guide you in protecting your assets from being exposed to the unintended.
First of all, you need to be sure that the person you intend to send pictures of your nakedness to is actually the person you think they are. Especially since getting to know people across the world wide web whom you’ve never met is a common occurrence these days. You may think you’re sending a picture of your lusty loins to a beautiful model from Miami. However, in all actuality – you may be exposing your every body cavity to a 19 year old, acne faced kid from North Dakota. The easiest way to confirm their identity is to ask them to get on a webcam, so you can actually see them. While on the webcam, ask them to hold up today’s newspaper, do jumping jacks, and say their ABCs backward.
Second, you should already assume the person you’re sending the photos to won’t be the only person sending it. Since that is usually the case, know that the least that will happen is everyone in their friendly circles will see it. The worst that can happen is they eventually get upset with you and post your nude pictures on Facebook, and tag you in them for the world as well as all of your family & friends to see. The best way to solve this is by trading pictures instead of just sending them pictures. The first picture you send should NEVER have your face or visible tattoos in it. That way, you can always deny that it is actually you. After you send a pic, never send another without them sending you one in exchange. We learned this rule as children, “You show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.” Now, you’re even.
Third, send them NEW pictures and stop sending the same flicks to everyone. That shows a lot about your character. I’m not sure what it shows about your character yet, but I know it isn’t good. This is more about self-respect (as much as there can be in this type of situation) than anything. It is a small world. If I had a nickel for every time a friend of mine have showed me a woman’s explicit photo I’ve already seen, I’d have enough nickels to buy a new camera for you to take fresh pictures with! STOP BEING LAZY! How hard is it to get naked and take NEW nudie pics to send?! One photo is NOT designed for mass distribution!
In conclusion, I hope you’ve read this thoroughly and let it marinate into your mental. This short guide will save you a lot of embarrassment, stress, and wasted bandwidth on your mobile data plan. Nova Knows… all blessings to the readers and doers of this word. Amen.
I Love You (& ladies- you can send your nude pics to, they are safe with me. J:-) ), & mark.yhgm@gmail (lol)
Nova Giovanni

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