Friday, June 10, 2011

140 Characters Wasn’t Enough: Dear Unsigned Rappers On Twitter

I’ve spoke on this shit time and time and time again, but no one ever really listens to me. AT ALL. But with Relly’s colorful commentary on the subject at hand there’s no way the point can be misconstrued. Today’s post is for the thirsty unsigned rapper lingering throughout various Twitter accounts praying some catches on. Don’t get us wrong, we want you to get your dreams into the right hands, but it’s time to go about it the right way. Relly has the floor.
Before I get started let me just say as a fan of hip hop, I have absolutely nothing but love and respect for up and coming rappers. I love to see new artists bringing something new and fresh to the rap game. There’s a bunch of undiscovered talent out there that could one day take the industry by storm like Drake did in 09′ or 50 Cent in 03′. So if you’re an unsigned rapper out there trying to get heard, I salute you and hope for nothing but the best. There’s just one rule I need all of you unsigned rappers to abide by……Stay the fuck out of our mentions on twitter,b.
I cannot fucking stand seeing an unknown rapper in my mentions on twitter trying to force feed me his new song, mixtape or video. I’M NOT CLICKING THAT SHIT! NOBODY IS! You niggas have GOT to cut this bullshit out immediately. Invading somebody’s @ replies promoting your new song is NOT grinding- that’s spamming. That’s like walking by a complete stranger and slipping your mixtape in their back pocket. Shit is equivalent to leaving your album in someone’s mailbox then scurrying off into the moonlight. Our first reaction isn’t to click your link and listen to your song. Our first reaction is to shake, rattle and roll all over that block button. If it’s me I’m blocking you AND reporting you as spam. Yeah, that’s the Mr. Miyagi death stroke combo b. They don’t teach you that at the academy.
You know the dudes outside handing you flyers to a party when you get out the club? Those niggas and rappers that spam on twitter are surgically cut from the same exact cloth. Nobody’s going to that fuckin’ party and nobody’s clickin’ any links that’s gonna lead em straight to the underworld of audio struggle. I’m gonna keep it real, 7 out of 10 unsigned rappers on twitter are complete trash. It’s a fact, google that shit. Last year your bio said, “2010 Is My Year”. Guess what? It’s June 10th, 2011 and not one single soul has heard of you. You wanna know why? Because you think copying and pasting that link to your new mixtape in people’s mentions is gonna get you shine. That denim shorts terrorist behavior ain’t getting you niggas ANYWHERE.
What you should be doing is taking down contact information from all the big hip hop blog sites. Get their email addresses and send your music and videos to THEM, not us. You spammin’ ass rappers come in our mentions and the stench of late child support payments fills up the room. I didn’t sign up for this. This shit wasn’t on the twitter brochure. The only people I want in my mentions after midnight are pretty light skinned women laughing at my jokes. Not any of you unsigned rappers with pain and agony in MP3 format. You niggas are the ramen noodles of the internet without the seasoning packet.
This isn’t hate, and I’m not bashing anybody on the come up. I want everybody to make their dreams a reality and reach those bright green pastures b. There’s just certain ways you go about getting your music and name out there. Spamming on twitter should not be sitting at the top of your strategy list.
Aight, I gotta get back to deleting contacts out my phone before Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” track has me in inboxes I have no business being in. Y’all be cool how Y’all be cool.
Oh, and remember, it’s not domestic violence if she’s been to a wu-tang concert…..#FACT

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Eliment (TM101 Radio) said...

ON POINT WITH THIS ONE!!! I feel like im in CHUUUCH....I do the same thing as you I mark them post as spam and block em quick..and I hate it worst when they don't even follow you... Anyway good shit right here Im gon pass this one around!!