Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Surprising Cat Facts - 10 Things You Don't Know About Your Cat

Cats aren't exactly as mysterious as they are purported to be, but there is enough that isn't widely known about them to make that seem true. Your cat really wouldn't mind you knowing more about felines, and would welcome the extra interest.

Here are 10 more facts about your cat that you may not know.

1. Generally, a cat's purr is healing, not just for the cat but for anyone the cat is near--which means it's helping you as well.

2. On the flip side, purring doesn't always mean something good; it can mean that the cat is in pain or is terrified of something or someone.

3. A cat has more bones than a human. A human has 206 bones, while a cat has either 230, 240, or 245 (though some fuse together as the cat ages). The number is different for each cat because it depends upon how many bones are in a cat's tail.

4. The declawing procedure is painful for your cat. Even if a veterinarian uses a laser and the cat can walk sooner, your cat can't really be comfortable with part of its toes missing, especially since cats walk on their toes first. This means that your cat is in pain and has to walk differently, rather than in its normal manner.

5. Cats are extremely stoic and do not usually show illness. The owner must be aware of what's normal and what isn't, and be sure to locate the cat if it hides or stops eating. Chances are it is very sick or has a toothache.

6. Cats are taught by their mothers to hunt and kill. If a kitten hasn't been taught these skills by its mother, chances are that it will never hunt or kill prey.

7. Cats were so well regarded in Egypt 4,000 years ago that the death penalty was given to anyone who killed a cat.

8. A group of cats is called a clowder, while a group of kittens is called a kindle.

9. Cat urine will glow under ultra violet light (black light), so you can always find the place where your cat has been thinking (or tinkling) outside the box.

10. Cats don't kill their prey with their claws. The claws are used to hold the prey while the cat uses its teeth to kill the prey.

Cats are intelligent and fun. Playing is a big part of our relationship with the cats in our lives. Cats are also full of many interesting facts that they're more than willing to share if you're willing to meet them halfway.

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