Thursday, April 21, 2011

(Video) Would You Let Your Boyfriend Do Your Makeup?

Would I allow my boyfriend to give me a massage? Definitely! Paint my toenails? Maybe. Apply my makeup? Say what?!

I may be a bit particular about the way I curl my lashes and add color to my cheeks, but for a few women, their makeup brushes often land in the hands of their boyfriends.

Our friends over at BellaSugar discovered an adorable makeup tutorial video (above) featuring one guy who claims to be an expert at this.

I couldn't help but giggle out loud as Omar haphazardly draws eyeliner on his girlfriend's upper lid, saying "Oooohh, I think I did this wrong thing!" But I give him cool points for knowing concealer corrects dark under-eye circles, his quirky "Boom!" sound effects and his elaborate pressing of the lips after applying pink lipstick.

"I think this sh-t looks good!" he says. And it does!

Fascinated by this wave of boyfriends doing their girlfriend's makeup, I tracked down other eye-opening videos.

Sit back, press play and vote in our poll on whether you'd allow your significant other to help you get pretty.

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