Monday, March 7, 2011

What's the best way to treat a hangover?

"Let's hope that you are not afflicted now, since reading---as well as moving, breathing, and maintaining consciousness--- is too painful an activity to pursue while in the throes of veisalgia, the medical term for hangover. And frankly, the best time to treat a hangover is before it even starts, so if your pulse is already pounding in your temples and your stomach is doing back flips, you've missed your best chance to nip it in the bud. Still, feel free to read (if you can bear it) for some sage advice that can make the morning after that next Christmas party a little more pleasant.

A great deal of hangover's agony is due to simple dehydration. Alcohol sucks the water out of you, so the smartest thing you can do while imbibing is to have one glass of water for each cocktail. Drink some more water before you stumble into bed and put a nice big bottle of H2O on the nightstand to drink when you wake. Those frequent trips to the bathroom will totally pay off.

Another pre-hangover hint: Stick with clear liquor. Research shows that transparent tipples like vodka and gin are the best bets. Why? Darker liquors have more congerners in them. Congeners are by-products of fermentation; as your body processes them, it can produce formaldehyde, which (given formaldeyde's utility as an embalming fluid.) helps to explain why you wake up the next morning feeling half dead."

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