Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cigarettes and Marijuana, Why Are Cigarettes Legal?

Millions of people smoke cigarettes. It is unfortunate that I happen to be part of this statistic. Being a smoker, we know the dangers that come with smoking. We know that we can develop serious lung and throat problems

  or cancer. Most smokers though, don't know some of the products that are in the cigarette they are smoking. Let's start by naming nicotine. Nicotine is probably the only ingredient in a cigarette that a person will remember. It is the most addictive substance in the tobacco. There is more to a cigarette than nicotine and tobacco. For instance if you smoke did you know that you are smoking ammonia, acetone, benzene(used as a solvent in fuels), and carbon monoxide. There's a list of ingredients that go on for days. Can you imagine actually bringing a flame near those ingredients. You might blow up! So tell me something, why are they legal? I mean, I understand that alcohol can kill you but thats only due to being too intoxicated or getting behind the wheel. The purpose of the drinking age is to make sure that more mature people who should understand their limits can drink but young kids who just want to party can't. Even now though, adults do not know their limits or they just don't follow the rules. There are many deaths caused by driving while intoxicated. 
I believe cigarettes are a silent killer. If you think your fine and you can just smoke however many cigarettes you want without anything ever happening, your wrong. This is where I get confused. Why is Marijuana

  illegal? Alcohol messes with the mind way worse than marijuana. Even cigarettes are worse than marijuana. There has never been a reported death of a marijuana (cannabis) overdose. It is now being used medically, religiously, and for recreational use. Marijuana's main ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Cannabis has been found to prevent from excitotoxicity. Excitotoxicity is when neurons are damaged or killed. When a person smokes marijuana they may feel a bit nervous but depending on how much they smoke they may not feel that way. If a person has been smoking for a long time they may only feel happy, giggly, slow, and hungry. I mean smoking marijuana is not for someone who needs to write a three page paper. Nor is it for driving around smoking it. It distorts your ming somewhat but not so much that if something happened you couldn't think logically. If you have never smoked weed you don't know so you shouldn't judge people because they do. People who use it regularly might use it just o relax at night. So tell me, if there are so many deaths accompanied with alcohol and cigarettes than why is marijuana illegal? Alcohol intoxicates a person and distorts their minds way more than marijuana could so why is it legal? Just because drinking is popular? Well marijuana is popular too and doesn't come with all the deaths that alcohol and cigarettes come with. Personally I believe the government needs to rethink their choices because they don't make sense. Why would something that could kill you be legal? On another note there are some bad things that occur due to marijuana. Smoking marijuana can cause memory loss, increased heartrate, severe headaches, nasuea, vomiting, and difficulty thinking. That usually only occurs when a person smokes too much. Marijuana can also be ingested. People have been known to put marijuana in brownies, cookies, tea, cake, etc. A good majority of marijuana users smoke it. There are many ways to smoke it. You can use papers, blunts, dutches, wraps, bowls, pipes, bongs, apples, etc. Todays generation mainly focuses on bowls and blunts. Back in the 70's joints were the most popular. Even to this day older marijuana users prefer papers over anything else.

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