Saturday, February 5, 2011

Barack Obama the New World Order Puppet??

It's all in the FAMILY....

"The corporate-owned mainstream media would have us believe that Obama’s ascension to power is an “All-American” story attainable by any hard-working “common” American.
Obama's cronies make the Mafia look like rank amateurs."

Question is.....will Americans ever wake up from their slumber of believing that their votes have any effect on the future of this country?
Will they ever stop projecting qualities on candidates they don't even remotely possess?

Democracy is the best way to control a people if you give them the illusion of choice by controlling all the choices ( aka both parties and major candidates).

Why do Americans never question the obvious manipulation of this two party system? There is NO difference between Republicans and Democrats on the upper level. In the end the presdient has no say anyway, no matter what party. He's just the actor in place to distract the masses as his/her strings are pulled. Bush is not a bad president, just a bad actor. The next one should be better......a better actor that is, who the masses will follow less usual.

Who in their right mind still believes that 9/11 was executed by some arabs with box knife cutters? Apparently all the candidates do as they all support this fake war on terror with a boogeyman firm called Al Qaida, a phantom organization created by the ones telling you they will protect you from them. They are one and the same.

There are no terrorists, other than the ones people vote for.......and so they build their own prison our of free will. 

Dick Cheney & Barack Obama  are 8th cousins...

6 President's in Barack's extended family....

Presidential Family Tree

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