Monday, January 17, 2011

How to KEEP YOUR MAN... HAPPY, Ladies!!


I apologize for the pictures above but those are some pretty happy ass men right there. lol *shrugs* 
Anyway, I always seem to see females complaining about why they can't find a good man, why they can't keep a man, "niggas ain't shit" etc.
So, I just came up with the this segment here on how you LADIES can
These may not apply to everyone but as long as you do majority of these things you can keep your man happy... I might even do one on how to "keep your woman happy"
*stay tuned*

  1. If ya'll live together... COOK at least twice a week
  2. If you drive or can get a vehicle... take him out every once in awhile.
  3. Don't complain so much over petty issues, have understanding and respect him as a man.
  4. Most importantly! PLEASURE THE PENIS! It's not all about sex so if you aren't in the mood for sex or it's that time of the month.. there are many other ways to go about accomplishing this task. BJ's, HJ's etc. BE CREATIVE! Don't be afraid of the PENIS, ladies! It's your best friend! You don't want him going to anyone else for pleasure right? So DO YOUR JOB to the best of your ability! Every time your in bed with your man or maybe in the car you should just touch it AT LEAST. LOL. Vagina pleasuring is not as easy as penis pleasuring. As we all should know. You might not like to have intercourse all thee time and thats fine... because its many other ways to handle that!
  5. This step right here won't really make your man "happy" but if he's real and able to put his "pride" aside.. he'll accept this, but PLEASE tell your partner when the sex wasn't so great or what could have been better etc. A closed mouth don't get fed... So speak up, don't be scared and work with each other to make things better... Relationships are two way streets and i'm pretty sure neither of you are psychics. TEAMWORK, people! TEAMWORK!
  6. This one right here seems to be a very important one! I wouldn't know because I don't play video games but if your "man" or "boyfriend" plays video games.. sit down, seem interested and/or play with him or leave him alone unless he's been playing for 2 hours or more, straight. Thats something that the 2 of you need to talk about and set a schedule for.
  7. Don't expect him to PAY FOR EVERYTHING. It's okay for you to kick out some cash from time to time... I believe that a relationship should work 50/50.. it all goes back to the term TEAMWORK! Don't be so greedy and self centered!
  8. This goes both ways :: but DO NOT question internet shit in real life.. if it happens on the internet.. handle it on the internet.. theres way more important shit going on so leave all the social networking conflicts on the SOCIAL NETWORKS!
This is all I have for right now... If you have anything you would like to see me post ..just leave a comment & lemme know

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Janay said...

i think this is an awesome post, and though I agree with it, i will admit that SOME guys wont be "HAPPY" with just that...but that is human nature to never be completely satisfied. Love it though!!Go Milly!