Saturday, January 22, 2011

Having a baby without insurance?

Having a baby is expensive with insurance, what about if you do not have insurance? What can you do? These are normal thoughts and concerns if you were not ready for having a baby. The happiness you have about your pregnancy should not be greatly affected by the costs. Therefore it is a good idea to have a plan in place to help with the expenses.
The costs that you will need to think about are the costs of the prenatal visits, the ultra sound, the birth, the hospitals stays for you and the baby and the postnatal visits. This can be somewhat pricey even with insurance. These prices do vary with the amount of visits you need, the type of delivery you have and how the postnatal health of you and the baby are. The average cost of a pretty normal pregnancy is around $7000-$15,000. Again this can vary a great deal depending on the circumstances.
I know that this sounds like a great deal of money, however there are options to help with this. First of all if you qualify, the state you live in may offer some assistance in the medical costs. You can contact the state assistance program in your state usually by calling, looking on the Internet or going into their office.
If this is not something that fits your income limits, there are other programs like Baby your Baby at to check to see if they are an option you can try. There are services like this in many states.
There are also options like that have savings benefits to help you with the expenses of having a baby with out insurance.
You can also plan out the payment plan from the beginning of your pregnancy. The best way to do this is to separate the costs into different categories and figure out what you can pay for ahead of time.
Here is an example of what this means:
The prenatal visits will be around $50-$100 each visit and these visits are every four weeks until the third trimester and then it goes to every two weeks, then finally every week for the last few weeks. So this price is something you should anticipate paying at each visit.
The best thing to do, is prepare for the cost of the final visits in advance by saving the money up and paying it at the time of service. Often times if you talk to your Doctors office they can set up a payment plan in advance, and they can also work a flat rate for the entirety of the prenatal visits, delivery and postnatal visits.
You will also want to work out a payment plan for the cost of the delivery in the hospital. You can contact the hospital and they can tell you an estimated cost and you can start paying for that in advance, or you can start by splitting that money up in advance per the amount of months or paychecks you have between now and the birth and you can start putting the money in the bank.

The cost for a C-section is about:

$6200 including the anesthesia

The hospital stay being several days with a C-section is about:


The cost for a standard vaginal birth is about:


The hospital stay for one day is about:


The Ultra sound is about:


The pediatrician visit is about:

Many times there is a cash payment savings if you work out to pay the majority of the bill in cash. Ask what plans the hospital and your doctor has available to help with the prepayment of your bill.
I know this sounds like a great deal of money, and having children is not cheep, however for the same amount you will be spending on the living child, you can anticipate paying in the month prior to the birth. It is not that big of a deal. The price divided up will be around $800 per month.
Even if you cannot afford all of that, it is a good idea to come up with as much of that as you possibly can. Often times the hospital will let you pay part up front, about 40% and then the rest in payments after. Though I would use caution where this is concerned because the expenses after a baby is born is going to be higher than you expected.
$800 per month sounds like so much money, but if you calculate the costs you will pay when a child is actually born, it is not much different from that. Say a family when both parents work with a baby in their family, here is what they will usually pay out.

$450 per month day care

$80 in diapers
$80 in formula
$50 in clothing
$20 in wipes
$70 for insurance
$30 in toys
$50 in miscellaneous
For a total amount estimated at about $830. Therefore getting used to these expenses by thinking of the medical costs in the same terms will help you build the habit you need.
Another option that will help is that if you can get family insurance even when you are pregnant, it may not cover the cost of the pregnancy and birth, but it would cover the post birth for the mother and baby in many circumstances. It is worth asking questions to find out.
Either way, these expenses may be hard, but the reward in the end will be more wonderful than anything else you could spend your money on. There are many options to help. So what ever you do, remember the joy and use your research abilities to find the best plan to help you pay the bills.

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