Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marilyn Monroe Rare Photos: The Blonde Bombshell in Pigtails and Polka-Dots

Just when you think you've seen every picture taken of Marilyn Monroe, more rare photographs of the iconic bombshell emerge.

A new batch of sixteen images by American photographer Eve Arnold -- five taken in 1955, the rest in 1960 -- have popped up at Castle Galleries in the U.K., where a limited number of the prints will be for sale, with prices starting at $545.

In the oldest set of intimate images, Monroe is photographed on a trip to small-town Bennet, Ill., where she was the guest of honor at the inauguration of a museum dedicated to her idol, Abraham Lincoln.

The black-and-white images include one of her from behind, fixing her famed locks at the Chicago airport's public restroom, and two others of her lounging around her hotel room in a pretty white eyelet dress with a boatneck collar.

The pair of color pictures from 1955 include a pensive Monroe on a plane to Illinois and a vampy image taken in Long Island, NY, where the then 29-year-old Monroe crawls on her belly through high grass while wearing a sexy strapless leopard-print dress.

The pictures Arnold took five years later (and two years before Monroe infamously sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President") mostly focused on candids of Monroe working on the Nevada set of "The Misfits," where she dons high-waisted denim, jean jackets, button-down tops, wide-brimmed hats, and plaid pants along with a more feminine polka-dot dress.

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